92.9 FM ESPN Radio Hosted NAVY Promotions Ceremony

Lt. J.G. Noel Navy Promotions Ceremony at 92.9

Jason & John
July 03, 2018 - 9:11 am
Promotions Ceremony

92.9 FM ESPN

I was struck by a recent request by Navy Officer J.G. Noel.  He emailed our office to ask for the presence of Jason Smith & John Martin at his Navy promotions ceremony and the usage of our radio station as the ceremony site. After 24 years in radio I rarely get surprising requests. This one was. And we were certainly honored to put this together for Officer Noel.

92.9 FM ESPN

Noel received his rank promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade (next step before full Lieutenant).  Lt J.G. Noel took the oath from Jason & John. 

It goes without saying that Lt J.G. Noel is a HUGE 92.9/Jason & John fan.  But I was moved by this whole experience.  This 4th of July I will be thinking about Navy Officer J. G. Noel and all of our great service women and men who support 92.9 FM ESPN. Thank you.

~Brad Carson, Director of Branding/Sports Programming, 92.9 FM ESPN 

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