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December 11, 2018 - 8:54 am

Here's the 92.9 FM ESPN (680AM) & 92.9-HD2/on HD Radios (790AM) College Football Bowl Radio Listen Schedule:

12/15/18  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 1:00PM CFB North Texas @ Utah State (New Mexico)

Followed by Georgia Southern @ Eastern Michigan (Camellia)

Followed by Middle Tennessee @ Appalachian State (New Orleans)

12/16/18  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 5:00PM Vols Nation

12/17/18  7:00PM Vol Calls

12/18/18  (on ESPN790 and 929.HD2 only) 5:00PM pre-game  6:00PM kickoff  UAB @ Northern Illinois (Boca Raton)

12/22/18  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 10:30AM pre-game  11:00AM tipoff  UT Vols vs. Wake Forest

12/22/18  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 8:30PM pre-game  9:30PM kickoff  Hawaii @ Louisiana Tech (Hawaii)

12/26/18  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 7:00PM pre-game  8:00PM kickoff  California @ TCU (Cheez-It)

12/27/18  (on ESPN790 and 92.9HD2 only) 12:00PM pre-game  12:30PM kickoff  Temple @ Duke

12/27/18  3:30PM pre-game  4:30PM kickoff  Miami @ Wisconsin (Pinstripe)

Followed by Baylor @ Vanderbilt (Texas)




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